Utsav Kaushish

VP of Analytics

Utsav Kaushish is the VP of Analytics at User Interviews, a startup trying to solve the hardest problem in user research: finding the right person to talk to at the right time. Prior to User Interviews, he was a Data Scientist at Facebook, Zenefits, and Microsoft. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Outside of work, Utsav enjoys basketball, Formula 1, reading fiction, and babysitting his niece and nephews. Fun fact: Utsav was part of the first team to ever use Fivetran!

Day 1

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

Keeping up with the modern data stack

Nikolay Voronchikhin, Cloud Solutions & Applications Analyst, Cisco

Utsav Kaushish, VP of Analytics, User Interviews

Tameem Iftikhar, Chief Technology Officer, Flywheel Software

Leah Weiss, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Preql

It feels like every month there’s a new tool, system or program that is going to transform the way we use data. Keeping up with all these trends and changes feels overwhelming — and how can one separate the real innovations from the overpromising, far-too-niche players? At this session, we’ll have a healthy debate about all the changes to the MDS of late, the latest MDS tools and trends, and the best ways to keep up with the changes.


Day 2