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Troy Fokken

Field CTO, Data Engineering

Troy is a seasoned member of the phData team, known for delivering technical solutions to customers. As the Chief Architect of Data Engineering, he sets the direction for product and service offerings, chooses strategic partners, and empowers others to create high-quality solutions for clients. Through his leadership, the phData engineering team has grown from 1 to over 175 engineers and architects. When not at work, Troy, enjoys fishing, motorcycling, and golfing across his home state of Minnesota.

Day 1

12:10 PM - 12:30 PM

Spilling the tea in ELT

Kelly Kohlleffel, Head of Partner Sales Engineering, Fivetran

Sam Hall, Solutions Architect, phData

Troy Fokken, Field CTO, Data Engineering, phData

Pete Soderling, Founder, Data Council

At this session, we’ll cover the top trends in ELT and the modern data stack. We’ll have honest takes on the latest fundings, mergers and acquisitions — and just all around have a healthy, engrossing debate on the latest news hitting the MDS community from key figures within it. 


Day 2