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Tom Conklin

Chief Information Security Officer

Tom is a seasoned security leader with extensive experience building security and compliance programs at several SaaS companies. As the Chief Information Security Officer at Fivetran, he is responsible for all aspects of Fivetran's security including the protection of customer data processed by Fivetran's services, maintaining and developing compliance programs to allow Fivetran to process regulated data, and leveraging data to improve the culture of security at FIvetran. Tom collaborates closely with Fivetran's product management department on enterprise and security feature development.

Day 1

12:10 PM - 12:30 PM

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Amy Peterson, Senior Group Product Manager, Enterprises and Databases, Fivetran

Tom Conklin, Chief Information Security Officer, Fivetran

Your data is yours to protect. Whether you’re moving into the cloud or built there to start, you'll need to ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant. Learn from Fivetran's security team about best practices for cloud SaaS security for every use case from multi-cloud to PCI compliance.


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