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Sharad Mathur

Global Head of Data & Analytics

Sharad is the Global Head of Data and Analytics at Zoom. He has extensive experience leading software engineering teams for enterprise products, data & advanced analytics. In addition he has also managed many IT services including enterprise architecture, integrations, and global operations.

Sharad has built and successfully launched a range of industry leading enterprise and consumer products across Supply Chain/Logistics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Big Data, AI/ML-based platforms and solutions.

Sharad is currently on various advisory boards of data startups and before Zoom he has held various Engineering and IT leadership positions in DocuSign, Blume Global, HP Inc, Palm and Oracle.

Day 1

11:45 PM - 12:30 PM

Knitting your own data fabric: Real possibility or impossible fantasy?

Meera Viswanathan, Lead Product Manager, Fivetran

Samiksha Gour, Senior Data Engineering Manager, Momentive

Dan Montgomery, Director of Data Engineering, SunPower

Sharad Mathur, Global Head of Data & Analytics

Piyush Bhargava, Sr. Director, Data Architecture & Engineering, DocusSign

One of the hottest topics in the data space is “data fabric,” but what is it — and what makes it different from “data mesh” or any other buzz term? Is it actually achievable? What does it mean for data governance? In this session, you’ll get an honest take on this term, including what it promises to deliver and whether the promises can be kept.


Day 2