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Saumya Bhatnagar

CPO and Co-founder

Saumya is the CPO and Co-founder of, an AI-driven Early warning dashboard that helps companies predict churn and revenue growth opportunities using customer data.

Before starting, Saumya co-founded a startup right out of high school in New Delhi, focusing on using technology to reduce gender-based abortions in India. She did her undergrad in Computer Science and earned her Masters in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz, focusing on Natural Language Processing.

She is a Forbes 30 under 30 alum, winner of the Stevie Gold Entrepreneur of the Year award, recognized as the 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech by the National Diversity Council, and is on the list of Top 100 Women in Technology by IBM.

Saumya is a strong advocate of more representation for women in tech and is the founder of a nonprofit in India for women empowerment.

Day 1

2:30 PM - 3:20 PM

Scaling your data team’s impact without scaling costs

Maura Church, Data Science and Engineering Leader

Saumya Bhatnagar, CPO & Co-Founder,

Pardhu Gunnam, CEO, Metaphor Data

Veronica Zhai, Director, Analytics Technical Product Management, Fivetran

Once you’ve proven the power of data and your data team at your company, the next question is, “How can I get more?” But that request doesn’t always lead to more resources — especially at early-stage companies. In this session, you’ll hear from data professionals who have learned to do more with less; specifically, we’ll focus on how teams can move from request backlogs to proactive data teams. You’ll learn what they wish they had done differently as they scaled, and which tools, programs and resources they relied on.


Day 2