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Sarah Krasnik

Growth Lead

Sarah Krasnik is the Growth Lead at Prefect, a data workflow company. Previously, she led the data engineering team at Perpay, responsible for building the data platform including marketing automation and product analytics. She's also a freelance consultant and advisor on go-to-market strategy for technical startups. She is based in Burlington, VT.

Day 1

2:00 PM - 2:20 PM

Orchestration education station

Sarah Krasnik, Growth Lead, Prefect

Just like an orchestra is coordinated by a conductor, a data team needs a centralized viewpoint of all the tools, workflows, and interactions that make up a data stack. In this session, we'll define orchestration by what it enables for a data team while walking through the steps to easily coordinate workflows in a way that is both scalable and versatile.


Day 2