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Mitesh Shah

VP of Product Marketing

Mitesh Shah is Alation’s VP, Market Strategy, helping bring Alation Data Intelligence Platform to market. Mitesh has 20+ years of experience spanning a number of roles including DBA, information security lead, and data scientist. Prior to Alation, Mitesh held positions as VP, Product Marketing at MapR (acquired by HPE) and, before that, Product Manager for Security & Data Governance. He holds an MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.

Day 1

2:30 PM - 2:50 PM

Look before you leap: Avoid clogged pipelines with data intelligence [Sponsored by Alation]

Mitesh Shah, VP of Product Marketing, Alation

As more types of data users flock to pipelines to get the data they need, how can leaders help them look before they leap? By investing in data intelligence and helping everyone ask (and answer) good questions. Do I have the right datasets? What data in that set is prime for the pipeline? Who can I team up with to speed up data movement? Who benefits, and how? 

Join Alation to learn:

  • How data intelligence helps your pipelines get the right data to the right person
  • Why a data catalog is key to your data pipeline strategy
  • How Alation and Fivetran work together to deliver full source-to-destination data intelligence

Join us for a great discussion!


Day 2