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Mike Gerardi

VP of Sales, SMB

Mike Gerardi is VP of Sales SMB at Sigma Computing, a next-generation BI & Analytics solution built to leverage the unlimited scale and performance of cloud data platforms. Mike is passionate about building great cultures around high-performing sales teams and is on a mission to share Sigma's view of the future of working with data. Prior to Sigma, Mike was an early sales leader at Snowflake.

Day 1

11:45 AM - 12:05 PM

Unlock the power of usage monitoring in the data era with Fivetran and Sigma [Sponsored by Sigma]

Mike Gerardi, VP of Sales, SMB, Sigma Computing

Mark Sussman, Director of Data & Analytics, Strategus

In the era of efficient growth, usage monitoring will be a trend throughout the data space. With the introduction of Fivetran’s Quickstart Data Models for the Log Connector, you can now leverage Sigma’s out-of-the-box template for usage monitoring, performance monitoring, and advanced alerting related to your Fivetran implementation. In this session Sigma will walk you through:

  • How to set up Fivetran + Snowflake monitoring in a matter of minutes
  • Granting access to key stakeholders 
  • Staying on top of spend with advanced alerting and performing root cause analysis on one dashboard

Day 2