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Mark Van De Wiel

Field CTO

Mark brings a strong background in data replication as well as real-time Business Intelligence and analytics to his role at Fivetran.

Throughout his 15+ year career, Mark has expanded his responsibilities from consultant to product management and business development. Mark holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

When Mark isn’t thinking about data replication and analytics, he’s running marathons. In fact, he’s run more marathons than his age in years and boosts his total by running in the San Francisco marathon each year.

Day 1

1:30 PM - 1:50 PM

Building data governance into the foundation of your enterprise business: A fireside chat

Mark Van De Wiel, Field CTO, Fivetran

Shinji Kim, Founder & CEO, Select Star

Veronica Zhai, Director, Analytics Technical Product Management, Fivetran

Enterprise data management is so much more than just the adoption of new tools - it is about realizing the full potential of people, systems, and data. Doing so at a larger enterprise is no easy feat, but can pay dividends. At this fireside chat, practitioners can learn how large enterprises approach data governance.


Day 2