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Mark Sussman

Director of Data & Analytics

Mark Sussman is the Director of Data and Analytics at Strategus, who revolutionized the advertising industry by running the first-ever programmatic CTV campaign in 2015. In this role, Mark democratizes data across the organization to convey the best performances for clients' campaigns via system optimization and operational analytics.

Mark is passionate about building data analytics infrastructure from scratch. He demonstrated his expertise at ItsaCheckmate by implementing a modern tech stack, including Snowflake, Fivetran, Sigma Computing, and creating a fully operational data analytics tech stack.

Mark holds a B.A. in economics and international studies from the University of North Carolina, as well as a graduate certificate in data science from Georgetown University.

Day 1

11:45 AM - 12:05 PM

Unlock the power of usage monitoring in the data era with Fivetran and Sigma [Sponsored by Sigma]

Mike Gerardi, VP of Sales, SMB, Sigma Computing

Mark Sussman, Director of Data & Analytics, Strategus

In the era of efficient growth, usage monitoring will be a trend throughout the data space. With the introduction of Fivetran’s Quickstart Data Models for the Log Connector, you can now leverage Sigma’s out-of-the-box template for usage monitoring, performance monitoring, and advanced alerting related to your Fivetran implementation. In this session Sigma will walk you through:

  • How to set up Fivetran + Snowflake monitoring in a matter of minutes
  • Granting access to key stakeholders 
  • Staying on top of spend with advanced alerting and performing root cause analysis on one dashboard

Day 2