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Mark Kidwell

Chief Data Architect, Data Platforms and Services

Mark Kidwell is a technology leader with more than 2 decades experience delivering solutions for large scale engineering and architecture problems. At Autodesk he’s Chief Data Architect, Data Platforms and Services, and responsible for the platform powering Autodesk-wide analytics services.Prior to joining Autodesk, Mark led technology for DesignMind, a data consulting firm, to provide data management, analytics, business intelligence, and software solutions to multiple Fortune 500 customers. He has also led data and platform engineering teams for Western Union, Gracenote, LookSmart and Lycos.Mark holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University.

Day 1

11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Future-state planning with your modern data stack

Nana Yaw Essuman, Senior Director, Data Engineering, Conde Nast

Mark Kidwell, Chief Data Architect, Data Platforms and Services, Autodesk

Eric Tan, CIO, Coupa

Olivia Nix, Director of Core Product Marketing, Fivetran

Aarthi Sridharan, VP, Business Intelligence, Beachbody

For teams with robust, fully built-out modern data stacks, what’s next? In this session, we’ll hear from leaders who have built and scaled their stacks and are now tackling next-gen tasks. From ML operations to instant movement of massive amounts of data around the world, we’ll learn how folks with mature data stacks are pushing the boundaries of what their companies and teams can do with data.


Day 2