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Joe Markiewicz

Senior Manager, Solution Analytics

Joe Markiewicz is the Senior Manager of the Solution Analytics team at Fivetran. Joe's team specializes in the development and maintenance of the Fivetran open source dbt packages. When not maintaining an open source codebase, Joe enjoys developing his own video games and exploring his hometown of Chicago, IL with his skateboard and camera.

Day 1

2:30 PM - 3:20 PM

Be a data model: your guide to dbt™ best practices

Emily Hawkins, Data Engineering Manager, GlossGenius

Alex Hauer, Lead Product Marketing Manager, Transformations, Fivetran

Joe Markiewicz, Senior Manager, Solution Analytics, Fivetran

Jake Hannan, Data Platform Manager, Sigma

Harsh Jetly, Senior Solutions Architect, dbt Labs

dbt continues to gain traction and popularity, and for good reason. At this session, we’ll bring together dbt power users to hear how and why they got into dbt, as well as some of their best practices for getting started and ramping up. Whether you are a dbt pro or just dipping your toes in, this session will ensure that you’re set up for success and using best practices moving forward.


Day 2