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Erik Edelmann

Staff Data Engineer

Erik has experienced and enjoyed many roles in data, having been both an engineer and a leader at startups like Vendr and WeWork. He also had the chance to see many different problems and solutions (and meet many practitioners and leaders) at a wide variety of organizations in his time as a manager at boutique data consultancy, DAS42, as well as in his own independent consulting work. 

He now works as an Engineer/Advocate at Hightouch, the Data Activation company, where he has the privilege of talking the talk with members of the Data Community who walk the walk every day. 

Day 1

2:00 PM - 2:20 PM

Centralized integrations for centralized data [Sponsored by Hightouch]

Josiah Brann, Director of Engineering, Discovery Education

Erik Edelmann, Staff Data Engineer, Hightouch

Today’s businesses depend on dozens or even hundreds of SaaS products to operate every day. This has resulted in a proliferation of data integration tools and platforms (yet more SaaS) to help teams maintain consistency in their data across their business. Countless direct integrations, point-to-point iPaaS products, and other solutions have been developed to help different systems talk to each other.

At the same time, in the data and analytics space, teams have converged on modern cloud data warehouses, using them as the central hub and beating heart of their operations.

In this talk, Josiah will tell the story of how Discovery Education has been able to properly leverage the data warehouse to serve as a central hub for their data and the actions they take based on their data. They will outline a more “warehouse-centric” approach to data pipelines and integrations, exploring the advantages found through this approach, and featuring real-world examples.


Day 2