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Eric Tan


Eric Tan is CIO at Coupa, a Nasdaq listed company that connects customers with 8 million global suppliers and provides visibility to $4trillion business spend. Eric supports a team dedicated to scaling the company's technology architecture, data and cyber strategy. Prior to Coupa, Eric served in multiple leadership roles at global consulting firm PwC. His current interest is the usage of AI/ML to reduce waste and optimize supply chains.

Day 1

11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Future-state planning with your modern data stack

Nana Yaw Essuman, Senior Director, Data Engineering, Conde Nast

Mark Kidwell, Chief Data Architect, Autodesk

Eric Tan, CIO, Coupa

Olivia Nix, Director of Core Product Marketing, Fivetran

For teams with robust, fully built-out modern data stacks, what’s next? In this session, we’ll hear from leaders who have built and scaled their stacks and are now tackling next-gen tasks. From ML operations to instant movement of massive amounts of data around the world, we’ll learn how folks with mature data stacks are pushing the boundaries of what their companies and teams can do with data.


Day 2