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Chetan Sharma

Founder and CEO

Che Sharma is the Founder & CEO of Eppo, a next gen AB experimentation platform that powers experimentation at Draftkings, ClickUp, Zapier, and many more. As the 4th data scientist at Airbnb and early data scientist at companies like Webflow, Che has been focused on the maturity curve of growth stage companies and how to establish data as a central stakeholder of decision making. Che previously led the team that developed Airbnb's knowledge repo, and has led data teams focused on production machine learning and instrumentation integrity.

Day 1

11:45 AM - 12:05 PM

New kids on the modern data stack block

Ryan Boyd, Co-founder, Motherduck

Gabi Steele, Co-Founder & CEO, Preql

Chetan Sharma, Founder and CEO, Eppo

The modern data stack has been long known by its parts: automated data movement, data governance, BI, reverse ETL, AI/ML and more. But as the stack has matured, more have joined in. At this session, hear from leaders at hot startup companies as they offer quick-fire takes on how they are changing the face of the modern data stack even further.


Day 2