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Brian Pederson

Data Product Manager

Brian has served as JetBlue's Data Product Manager since 2021, and is responsible for the experience JetBlue's data analysts have when using our Snowflake Data Cloud. He's passionate about bringing business context to data, upskilling analysts, and lowering the barrier of entry to using data at JetBlue. A true #avgeek at heart, Brian has been with JetBlue since 2018 and enjoys the ability to marry his loves of technology and aviation every day at work.

Day 1

1:30 PM - 2:20 PM

From legacy to latest & greatest

Bill Murphy, Managing Partner, Cresting Wave

Ashley Van Name, Senior Manager of Data Engineering, JetBlue

Brian Pederson, Data Product Manager, JetBlue

Moving from an older, legacy stack to a modern one isn’t something that happens overnight - and bringing your internal stakeholders as well as your team along is often one of the trickiest parts of this transition. At this session, we’ll talk with folks who are making the transition from legacy systems to the latest and greatest modern data stacks. They’ll offer advice for how they got started, what their biggest hurdles were and what they wish they had known at the start. And, we’ll dig into not just the technical challenges with transitioning but the cultural and mindshift changes needed to bring everyone along.


Day 2