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Benn Stancil

Chief Analytics Officer

Benn Stancil is a co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Mode, a modern BI platform that is designed for data teams. While at Mode, Benn has held roles leading Mode’s data, product, marketing, and executive teams, and regularly writes about data and technology at Prior to founding Mode, Benn worked on analytics teams at Microsoft and Yammer.

Day 1

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

The modern data stack is dead, long live the modern data stack!

Barr Moses, CEO & Co-Founder, Monte Carlo

George Fraser, CEO & Co-Founder, Fivetran

Sarah Catanzaro, General Partner, Amplify Partners

Benn Stancil, Chief Analytics Officer, Mode

Kevin Petrie, Vice President of Research, Eckerson Group

The modern data stack (MDS) as a concept hasn’t been around that long, but folks across Twitter and LinkedIn have already started calling it a thing of the past. We’ll close out our day by debating the elephant in the room: What is the modern data stack, really? Is it just a set of tools? An approach to data? Do we need a new phrase? Should we lean into the concept even more — or retire it altogether? Join us for a spirited debate.


Day 2