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Austin Banta

Sales Director

Austin spends his days at Coalesce helping customers accelerate their speed of delivery on Snowflake. Prior to Coalesce, Austin was a solutions engineer in the at ThoughtSpot and Tableau. After years in the BI world, he saw a consistent pattern that there was a bottleneck upstream in the transformation layer, so made the move to a company helping automate the T in ELT.

Day 1

1:30 PM - 1:50 PM

Delivering a seamless customer experience with real-time predictive modeling powered by Coalesce, Snowflake and Fivetran [Sponsored by Coalesce]

Austin Banta, Sales Director, Coalesce

Jesse Marshall, Director of Data Science, Paytronix

Join Jesse Marshall, Director of Data Science at Paytronix, to learn how the customer experience platform boosts customer loyalty with real-time predictive modeling using Snowflake and Coalesce. Multiple data sources and a patchwork of tools had created too many data silos at Paytronix, making it difficult to build data pipelines quickly and easily, and impossible to experiment with data science initiatives. Snowflake, Fivetran, and Coalesce have enabled Paytronix to build its first near-real time predictive analytics models to supercharge their customers’ campaigns.


Day 2