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Ashley Van Name

Senior Manager of Data Engineering

Ashley Van Name leads Data Engineering at JetBlue. Over the years, Ashley and her team have been focused on maturing & investing in their data stack, continuously looking for smart ways to enable new data products across the company.

One of Ashley's favorite mottos is "with great data comes great power and great responsibility". She knows that data leaders in any organization have a responsibility to ensure that their enterprise data is organized, accurate, easy to understand, and easy to use. If data is readily accessible, analysts and business leaders alike have the power to make better data-driven decisions.

Ashley and her team currently manage 3,000+ data models in JetBlue's Snowflake Data Cloud, which stores information that is used across a vast array of workgroups throughout JetBlue. The team also manages upstream real-time processes that feed into the Data Cloud, as well as with other internal and external-facing applications. Analysts & Data Scientists use this real-time and batch data to build reports & machine learning models, which help power decision making for System Operations, Customer Support, Airports, and more.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Rutgers University.

Day 1

1:30 PM - 2:20 PM

From legacy to latest & greatest

Bill Murphy, Managing Partner, Cresting Wave

Ashley Van Name, Senior Manager of Data Engineering, JetBlue

Brian Pederson, Data Product Manager, JetBlue

Moving from an older, legacy stack to a modern one isn’t something that happens overnight - and bringing your internal stakeholders as well as your team along is often one of the trickiest parts of this transition. At this session, we’ll talk with folks who are making the transition from legacy systems to the latest and greatest modern data stacks. They’ll offer advice for how they got started, what their biggest hurdles were and what they wish they had known at the start. And, we’ll dig into not just the technical challenges with transitioning but the cultural and mindshift changes needed to bring everyone along.


Day 2