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Ameek Singh

Senior Solutions Engineer

Ameek is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Databricks, where he supports the sales motion for Growth accounts. Previously, he was a Sales Engineer at Fivetran also supporting growth accounts. Ameek started his career as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at Veritas and Data Secrets, a privacy-tech startup incubated by The Hive. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Data Science.

Day 1

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Modern analytics on the lakehouse using Databricks SQL [Sponsored by Databricks]

Roberto Salcido, Senior Solutions Architect, Databricks

Ameek Singh, Senior Solutions Engineer, Databricks

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform simplifies your modern data stack by unifying all your data so you can do data warehousing, SQL, BI, and AI. This common approach to data management, coupled with Fivetran’s accelerated data movement solution on the lakehouse, helps you operate more efficiently and get to insights faster. Join us for a live, hands-on workshop to learn how to use the Databricks and Fivetran for all your modern analytics needs, and more. 

You’ll see how easily you can operate a modern data stack using Databricks SQL. Databricks SQL delivers data warehouse performance at data lake economics - with up to 12x better price/performance than traditional cloud data warehouses. We’ll also show how to reduce costs and get started in seconds with our new SQL serverless compute. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Load data into Delta Lake on Databricks using Fivetran
  • Build fast, continuous delivery data pipelines for both BI and ML
  • Analyze your results using SQL queries on the data lake

Get fine-grained governance on your data with Unity Catalog.


Day 2