The Modern Data Stack Awards

The inaugural Modern Data Stack Awards recognize the world's most innovative data teams – the heroes working tirelessly to empower data-driven decisions that transform communities, businesses, and careers. 

From data-savvy to data savant, we’ll celebrate the mentors building institutional knowledge connector by connector – the leaders building architecture to stand the test of time – and the people putting data tools in the hands of the communities that need them the most. 

Modern Data Team

This team is the proverbial dream. Modern Data Team of the Year recognizes outstanding overall team achievement in the world of data engineering, analytics and visualization.

Modern Data Mentor

Guidance is golden. This award honors a community leader or mentor who selflessly helps and supports others in pursuit of data excellence.

Modern Data Hero

Hold out for a hero no longer – this award recognizes the contributions of an engineer or analyst making an immense impact within their organization.

Modern Data Project

The project that shot for the moon, and landed with both feet planted. From vision to execution, this award recognizes a project that made a huge impact.

Modern Data App

Experience is everything. This award celebrates a product or application that delivers delightful and insightful customer experiences with data.

Modern Data Leader

This leader’s vision is 20-20. The Data Leader award recognizes leaders (C-suite or VP-level) whose strategic direction has made an immense impact on their business.

Transformation For Good

Data has the power to improve the lives of those around us. This award recognizes an individual or team that is using data for good, and transforming the world for the better.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are the awards worldwide?

Yes – nominees can be submitted from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa or the Asia-Pacific region.


Who can submit a nomination?

Any business that is impacted by the modern data stack qualifies for award submission or nomination, regardless of their use of a particular service or product. We do encourage Modern Data Stack Conference partners, customers of partners, and employees to submit nominations. Please provide specifics as to why the customer or individual you are nominating should be selected in the “Tell Us About Your Nominee” section, and if possible, ensure that the nominee is aware of the nomination.


How will winners be selected?

Winners will be chosen by a hand-selected panel of industry experts.


How will winners be announced?

Winners will be announced on the second day of the Modern Data Stack Conference on the Fivetran blog and in a social post.