The Modern Data Stack Conference has ended. You can check out the recordings from the conference in our Resource Center. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2022, dates coming soon.

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September 22 - 23, 2021

The Modern Data Stack Conference 2021

A virtual community-focused conference aiming to empower data-driven decisions that transform communities, businesses, teams, and careers.


What is the Modern Data Stack Conference?

The Modern Data Stack Conference brings together data analysts, data engineers, and other data-driven professionals to share the latest innovations, tech, and best practices.

Why should you attend the
Modern Data Stack Conference?


Insights & Advice for Everyone

Regardless if you’re an industry veteran or new to the industry, you’ll learn strategies, tactics, and tools you can implement immediately.


Network with Peers

Meet and connect with your peers in the industry virtually as well as in person at our after-conference happy hours.


40+ Sessions

Whether you are a data engineer, data analyst, manager of those teams, or just anyone who is directly impacted by data, there is a talk for you.


Industry Expertise

Join CEOs, VCs, data engineers, data analysts and more from every industry and company size to learn about the latest trends in tech, systems, and trends.

Plan your two days of learning and networking

sept 22
9am-10am PST

Keynote: An Executive Eye on the Future State of Analytics

George Fraser, CEO @ Fivetran
Ali Ghodsi, CEO @ Databricks
Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President @ Microsoft Azure

Join leaders from Fivetran, Databricks, and Microsoft Azure for a spirited discussion on the future of analytics: how teams and tools are changing analytics as we know it, the next big ‘disruption’ to this industry, and how the Modern Data Stack will evolve to further impact analytics, data team, and individual roles within a company. We'll explore how Databricks and Microsoft Azure teams utilize the Modern Data Stack and how they are driving their own analytic programs forward.

sept 23
9am-10am PST

Keynote: Moral Psychology: How to Persuade People Who Aren’t Moved by Just Your Data

George Fraser, CEO @ Fivetran
Jonathan Haidt, Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership @ NYU-Stern

People are rarely moved to change their important beliefs by data alone. Research on moral psychology shows that emotions, intuitions, and stories are often more powerful, yet people who love data often fail to realize this. In this Keynote, Professor Haidt will present the three main principles of moral psychology and show you how you can use them to supplement data driven presentations.

sept 23
2:30pm-3:00pm PST

Keynote: A Future Look at Fivetran & An Introduction to HVR Software

Fraser Harris, Vice President of Product @ Fivetran
Mark Van de Wiel, CTO @ HVR

Join Fivetran’s VP of Product, Fraser Harris, and Special Guest, Mark Van de Wiel, CTO at HVR Software, as we reveal Fivetran’s upcoming product roadmap, the big bets we are taking, and how Fivetran is evolving to meet the latest industry trends and needs of our customers.

DAY 1, 2
sept 22 - Sept 23


  • Future of the Modern Data Stack
  • Data: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • Building a Modern Data Stack for Every Stage of Your Company and Team
  • Modern Data Stack Best Practices
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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the confirmed speakers for the event?

Speakers will be updated regularly, be sure to sign up to get updates.


How much does it cost to attend?

Our conference is free to everyone! Register today.


Is there going to be an event recording?

Yes. We will record the event and those who register will be able to watch the panels on demand following the conference.


Is the conference online or in person?

All keynotes, panels, and sessions will be held virtually. We will hold in-person networking happy hours in a few cities following day one’s activities.


How do I use the conference platform?

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